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Reasons, why Goreans shouldn’t use smartphones! 

While I am writing this topic, my iPhone is next to me, I am chatting with someone, was checking MyGorean and using an app for learning a language…

However, and seriously I believe, there are reasons, why Goreans should not use smartphones. At least not so much…

It’s a killer of communication

Community is important for Goreans. The Home Stone is the core of community. It’s important to meet in person, talk to each other, focus on each other rather than on these little devices with screens, which makes sounds every few seconds or if you are lucky just minutes… Look around, when people are sitting in restaurants at one table and everyone is watching the phones.

It’s not trustful

Who has control over these smartphones? Things are shared in social media and that is just what people do willingly and actively. Worse everything that is shared secretly by all the thousands of apps like google, Facebook, whatsapp etc. Have you tried an app, that reveals all connections and data going out of your phone, even you don’t use it? It’s unbelievable!

It’s a time killer

Surely not everyone, who owns a smartphone is addictive and uses it so much time… but it’s very likely that one is using all opportunities, that smartphones offer. It costs a lot of money, so wouldn’t it be wasting money, if it wasn’t used completely? But are you aware, how much time people (and you) spend on a smartphone. Does it make sense? What exactly is so very important, what can’t be done without a smartphone? It’s wasting time… life time!

The ecological footprint is very huge!

As said above, it costs a lot of money… and the production of every singe smartphone requires so much resources of our world. We are taking too much from nature, much more we could give back. Goreans respect nature very much and they use resources conscientiously. Goreans do not waste resources.

It’s unhealthy and dangerous

Now the main reason and the reason, why I started this topic. We all know, that the radiation has influence to our health and of course to the nature in general. We have smartphones very near to our bodies, even to the head, especially when we use the smartphone as phone. But technology doesn’t stop. 4G is already marked as „outdated“. 5G is coming… and that is really something, Goreans should not accept and support. We didn’t do much research yet, but in critical news we can read, that for 5G many trees have to be felled, because they disturb the 5G radiation.

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