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Essay about Slave Training

What is slave training and how to start and successfully perform slave training?

1. The will

First you need to be willing to start a slave training. Either as a Master/Trainer as well as a slave/trainee, you need a strong will to begin a slave training.

Will doesn’t mean that you wish to become a trained slave or to own a well trained slave. This is the same as wanting to be rich or famous. It’s very easy to want to be rich or famous. One would like to take the credits of someone, i.e. a hero, but that doesn’t mean one really wants to be a hero. Being a hero means for example to risk ones life in order to safe other peoples live. The hero is seen as a hero, because he did something, that many if not most people would not do. If they did, the action would be average and nothing special.

The same applies to a Master and a slave. If the slave is well trained, there was a hard time of intense training before. The question about will is, are you willing to do all the hard work to become a well trained slave or to give a slave that intense training?

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