House of Alduras

Essay about Slave Training

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What is slave training and how to start and successfully perform slave training? 1. The will First you need to be willing to start a slave training. Either as a Master/Trainer as well as a slave/trainee, you need a strong will to begin a slave training. Will doesn’t mean that you wish to become a trained […]

Gorean Academy

The MyGorean meeting in May 2018 in the Netherlands

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Greetings to the free and enslaved! Last weekend we had a great MyGorean meeting in a beautiful landscape on an old farm near Deventer in the Netherlands. Four masters came to this meeting with their slave girls. The masters present represented the German regions of Bavaria, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the Spanish […]

Slave Girl

True Slave and natural slave

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I am a natural slave. I think I have known that for many years, but my slavery was denied me. Now, at last, I find myself on a world on which I can, and indeed must, express my deepest, most fervent nature. I am a slave, and I love being a slave, but surely I […]

True Man

True Men & true Master

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In his eyes, she had seen that he was one before whom a woman could be only a slave, one who would know well how to master a woman. He was one, she did not doubt, who would own the fullness of a female, one who would exact the fullness of her slavery from her. […]