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MyGorean… Home

People want to have a place in the net, where they can settle down, set their home point, have a peaceful and familiar place, just like a real home. Call My Gorean Community your gorean home!

MyGorean… Friends

Human beings usually don’t feel good, when they are isolated and alone. The internet is fine to get in contact with other people, but it is hard to find the „right“ persons. Each time, you need to start over again from the scratch and it takes weeks, until you know whether the person might be kind of gorean or not. The gorean platform helps here a lot: people can fill out detailed gorean related profile questions and tell others about their views easily.

MyGorean… Academy

Well, that is really new! MyGorean.Com has it’s own academy, an academy where every user can be student and instructor or both! Learning never ends, as we all know, and everybody can learn something new from other people. Most people also can teach others. In MyGorean.Com everybody can become an instructor. This is only linked to one condition: it must be BtB (by the books), which means a coherent and complete occupation of each thesis with sources from the original GOR novels. This condition is necessary because of the high level of quality.

MyGorean.Com is made with love for Gor! You will feel at home, right away! We have improved the mobile use, we have improved security, the site is loading faster. Users are assigned to networks automatically depending on their classification. Chat is very simple and fast, running on mobile devices as well!

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